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Imagine Hiring One Of The World’s Leading Agencies To Take Over Your Marketing, Plan Your Strategy, Create Unique Hooks, Write Your Copy, Build Your Funnels, Optimize Them And Finally Scale Them To Millions With Facebook Ads!
From Rudy Mawer, CEO of ROI Machines
Dear Fellow Entrepreneur + Biz Owner, 
Do you have an amazing product, service and business but can’t scale it to the next level? 
Are you frustrated with these fake ‘marketing gurus’ or agencies that promise the world and underdeliver, every single time? 
Maybe you are at $500,000 per year trying to get to 1 million, or, maybe at 5 million already and trying to break 10 million but can’t scale? 
If so, I know your pain, and I’m 99% sure I know the solution… 
From Rudy Mawer, CEO of ROI Machines

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur + Biz Owner,

Do you have an amazing product, service and business but can’t scale it to the next level?

Are you frustrated with these fake ‘marketing gurus’ or agencies that promise the world and underdeliver, every single time?

Maybe you are at $500,000 per year trying to get to 1 million, or, maybe at 5 million already and trying to break 10 million but can’t scale?

If so, I know your pain, and I’m 99% sure I know the solution…
From Rudy Mawer, CEO of ROI Machines
Dear Fellow Entrepreneur + Biz Owner, 
Do you have an amazing product, service and business but can’t scale it to the next level? 
Are you frustrated with these fake ‘marketing gurus’ or agencies that promise the world and underdeliver, every single time? 
Maybe you are at $500,000 per year trying to get to 1 million, or, maybe at 5 million already and trying to break 10 million but can’t scale? 
If so, I know your pain, and I’m 99% sure I know the solution… 

In the next 5 minutes, I’ll teach you exactly why your Facebook ads and business can’t scale until you fix these issues. 
  • Why your current marketing set up is doomed to fail,
  • Why ‘Isolation’ is costing you millions of $ a year,
  • The two key aspects to focus on to 2, 5 or 10x your online sales,
  • ​And why when doing so will allow you to scale rapidly, even if several agencies and marketers have failed in the past.
Your Current Problem Is Isolation
And It’s Costing You Tens Of Thousands
Or Even Millions of $ A Year
Until today, your business and all the agencies and marketers you’ve hired have stayed in their lane, looking at the problem at hand in isolation.

They fail to see the big picture, or look at your sales pipeline and brand online as an entire, ever-evolving ecosystem.

Right now, it probably goes something like this:

The media buyer or Facebook ad manager can’t scale the ads and blames the funnels or algorithm, or, continually just asks for more videos or photos without any real strategy, all while charging you $5000 + a month.
The copywriter (if you have one) doesn’t fully understand how to write copy to scale to cold traffic, how to craft winning hooks, offers, when to run split tests, or simply doesn’t get involved or care about the results of the copy.
The tech department or funnel builders and website tech stay in their lane, but don’t really know how to optimize pages for cold traffic and conversions. They get tech, but they don’t get million $ marketing methods. They clash everytime, and it’s costing you millions.
The CMO (or you) has some good ideas, but getting them executed efficiently and how you really want them takes weeks, and involves serious micromanagement. Often, these ideas never even go live, or, if they do, they aren’t quite how you imagined it or executed correctly.

And finally…

The project manager (or maybe a CMO or you) doesn’t really know what is going on, but spends 40+ hours a week connecting everyone, trying to get them working together, figure out the issues and actually make them scale profitably or hit the set targets.
In Summary, You Are Running And Managing An Empire, A Large Ecosystem But Everyone Else Is Treating It In Isolation.
You are trying to scale an empire, but everyone else is too focused on the weeds in the street and doesn’t really understand or care what happens outside of their lane.
No one, no matter who you hire, how much you pay, what guru you hire, or, what in-house team you try and grow really gets it at a high level, and, can actually execute all the high-level ideas every week that actually generate a positive ROI and help you scale.

I get it, that’s what I faced for years as a sports scientist + celeb trainer (now turned marketing genius) and it’s stressful, disheartening and costing you hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions per year….
I tried all the big agencies (wasting over $75,000!), I hired the ‘experts’, I joined the Masterminds, I flew to all the events (getting more info but no action) and tried to do it all myself.
No matter what route I took, I got nowhere, while trying to work 80 hours a week figuring it out.

Eventually over a 3 year period, I learned everything myself around Facebook ads and funnels and took full ownership of the marketing.

Fast forward a few more years, I scaled my own business and my own health/fitness offers to millions of $ in annual revenue spending 10-15k a day on Facebook ads and built an elite coherent team that actually were all trained to care for, and understand the ecosystem as a whole.
Eventually, I became so successful and had such an elite team of 25 marketing focused staff, that everyone who knew me started hiring me to run their ads and marketing.
I quickly supported others in million dollar launches, and scaled many of my friends and others in my space to millions of $ with my elite Facebook ads and funnel team and methods.

Then something interesting happened…
Fast Forward A Few More Years After Hundreds Of Requests, I Formed The Ultimate Full Stack Marketing Team To Come In And Scale Companies To Millions With Profit In Mind!
After seeing such a gap and weakness in the market, I decided someone needed to fix it and provide what I wanted as a business owner – one team, that really cared and ‘got it’ at a high level to scale entrepreneurs’ businesses.
At present, we are really the only agency that provides the full stack service your business needs to aggressively scale online.
This includes all the strategy, copy, tech, design, video editing, data, split tests, integrations, email marketing, and Facebook, Instagram and Google ads under one roof.
Because my team works as a cohesive unit, much like the A-Team or an elite navy seals unit, we can provide a full stack service at a much lower cost that actually gets amazing results, fast…
And ultimately, cares about you, your NET profits, bottom line, brand and vision as passionately as you do.
At present, we now help our clients generate around ¼ of a billion dollars per year.
Yes, that’s $250,000,000 (a lot of zeros, I know).
And, we do this with less stress and more speed than any other agency in the world.

Plus… You Get Access To My 200 Million $ Rolodex of Funnels, Strategies & Ideas.
One other unique aspect versus just hiring a CMO or in-house team is our bird’s-eye view of the industry, what’s working, what split tests win, what type of ads get the best ROAS and what is helping us generate millions per month for our clients.
It’s like having a rolodex of successful funnels, ads, emails and strategy that is helping generating around $250,000,000 per year with their clients.

But it doesn’t stop there, because remember, knowledge without action gets you nowhere (the issue with all these courses and masterminds).
Luckily for you, it also comes with an all-star team of copywriters, funnel builders, marketers and media buyers to go in and execute it with an unusually high likelihood of success.
Imagine for just one moment, getting the world’s best of each department, all working on your business with high-level strategy and management, for around 20-30% of the cost if you hired each asset separately.
It sounds too good to be true, right?
So Don’t Take My Word For It…
Here’s What Some Of Our Clients, Who Have Tried Numerous Agencies In The Past, Want To Share With You!
Sterling Got A 400% Boost In Leads
And... Went on to say it's the best agency he's ever worked with (and he's worked with alot).

"Unlike most agencies, they truly care about you and your business and do EVERYTHING for you!"
We Helped Isa Hit a 500k Launch!
And... Collect thousands of emails a month at profit to scale her own ebooks and courses.

"If you're trying to go from 6 to 7 figures and beyond, this is the team for you."
Spencer's Company Went From 0 to $225 Profit Per Month on Ads!
With zero funnels, ads or direct response, we not only wrote the copy, built the funnels but succesfully scaled them to 225k PROFIT (After ad spend) per month!

We also helped them with a 300k Black Friday promo, that blitz their target by over 400% 

Mike's Company Grew to Multi-Millions With Our Help!
And... Were able to 10x their ad spend profitably, at a 2.5x ROAS over a 6 month basis, while also launching multiple funnels and growing their list by tens of thousands!

"I cannot say that without all the customer acquisition that Rudy did, we would have even closely hit our first 100k day."
And Here’s Some Of The Results We Get On Facebook Once Our Elite Team Have Built The Best Possible Funnels, Hooks & Offer:
Remember, You’re Just One Strategy, Hook, Funnel And Offer Away From Millions Of $ In Sales:
Let’s face it, if you are a serious entrepreneur or online business owner you are close to scaling your business to an insane level.
Even if you don’t have a dialed in sales pipeline or funnel, you are really just one cutting-edge hook, strategy and funnel away from 2, 5 or even 10x-ing your sales.
The difference between you and others doing 10, 20 or 30 million+ online is their funnel, hook and ad strategy.
Right now, at this very time, you probably have a better product than they do, and heck, probably a better offer or product than 90% of people doing millions online, right?
You’re just missing these two key pieces… A dialed in funnel with amazing strategy and then ads to scale it online.
But luckily, from today that will change when you bring in the most elite marketing team to refine or recreate your hook, build your offer, craft and optimize your funnel and then scale it quickly and profitably with Facebook ads.
Because my elite team of 33 staff live, eat and breath funnels / ads, you can rest assured that our full and only focus is making you scale aggressively online.
It’s Like Hiring The Avengers or A-Team of The Marketing World.
We’ve assembled the very best in each department around the world, to grow your business for you, for just 20% of the cost if you tried to hire them all separately.

For one small and affordable monthly retainer, you get full and exclusive access to:
     Rudy and His 200 Million $ Strategy!
One of the most unique aspects is I'm actually still works 10 hour days IN the business. This allows myself to work in each account, be on all the calls, plan all the strategy, review all the pages, and ensure you are succesful. 

Additionally, I get a high level birds eye view of whats working right now, with my 200 million $ strategy generating ideas, your business will grow faster than ever before!
     The Best Copywriters In The World For Funnels, Opt-ins, Emails & More!
High level copy is the best investment you will ever make. Because we know the copy is so vital in your business, I hand picked the worlds top copywriters with 10+ years experience writing million $ funnels and pages. Just to hire these copywriters alone, you would pay $5000 to $10,000 a funnel or $15,000 to $20,000 a month.

Because our copy team has over 70 years experience combined, they experts in establishing your voice, brand and crafting winning copy that will help us scale to millions on cold traffic without hurting or impacting your brand!
     Unlimited Graphic Design That Turns Head, Boosts Your Brand + Improves Your Ads!
We've proven time and time again that head turning graphics not only boost your brand but also boost sales and conversion rates. The big problem is finding designers that also understand marketing. After years of growing our graphic department, we can provide highly compelling designs that actually convert and make you money!
     The World’s Top Tech + Funnel Team To Bring Your New $ Million Funnels To Life!
Just like design, there's a difference between most tech teams and a tech team who understands all the fine details of marketing, such as speed load, mobile optimization, funnel tweaks, conversion rate optimization, data tracking, split test and more. Our tech team will not only build all the pages, but, they'll ensure your tech team optimize the funnels to make you money! 

No tech team? No problem, we'll do everything, building the entire site, integrating it and testing it!
     Weekly Marketing Videos That Generate Millions of $ In Sales!
One other unique aspect of our service is a full time in house video team. Guess what they do all day? Make high converting videos that scale on Facebook or other traffic platforms to cold traffic, dropping your CPA and boosting your ROAS. 

In some cases, our videos alone have reduced the cost per sale by 50% and make our clients millions of dollars combined!
     Then Rudy + A World Class Media Team To Run + Scale The Ads!
Now, the final piece of the puzzle that brings it together is getting unlimited traffic on your offers, sales page or website. Luckily, with a world class media buying team of ex-googlers and marketing geniuses all monitored, trained and ran by Rudy.

Again, unlike other top tier agencies, I'm involved daily in every account, running all the strategy and creating the ads to ensure you get the best results, in the quickest time possible.
     WITH Full Data Tracking, Split Testing  & On-Going CRO To Monitor + Scale!
Now, all of this wouldn't be possible without bullet proof data. One issue I found with all our clients, from the 1 to 100 million $ companies, full data with real useable numbers were severely lacking. 

That is why I went out and hired a full data scientist, to ensure every client has full tracking that actually turns into usable numbers every single Monday, for you to see where you are at, what needs optimizing and understand at a basic level your marketing stats. 
     Along With Weekly Reports + Custom Data Dashboard To See Your $$$ Roll                In!
As a business ran by entrepreneurs, I wanted to build a system so seamless and easy that you could let us run it from the beach in Hawaii. One way we do this is a high level weekly report, letting you see exactly what we worked on, what we plan to do this coming week and what we need to improve in the weeks to come.

In addition, my team of marketers and data scientists provide a full data dashboard, customized to you and your business, with all the figures you need in once place to make informed decision on cost per sale, total revenue, cost per lead, cost per click, conversion rate, upsell flows, etc.
     And Finally… A Full-Time Marketing Manager To Bring It All Together!
Last but not least, no team is every succesful without a manager to keep it flowing.

Because of all the moving parts behind the scenes and the close work our team will likely do with yours, you will have a dedicated marketing manager that works on your account everyday. Often seen like a full time staff member for you, he will learn and treat your business like one of your own staff members does, while making sure the entire project on our end is actioned swiftly and accurately.
All Of This, For Around 20% Of The Cost Compared To Industry Standards...
If you are experienced in this space, you will see the numbers above are realistic for highly experienced hires in the US/Canada that have a proven track record.

I know, as many of my team are on these salaries and most of them are paid way more than what is listed above. They are expensive, but we pay top dollar simply because that’s what it takes to get world-class people and the amazing results we generate.

Like anything in life, you get what you pay for...

Of course, if you are happy paying around $50,000 per month, about 5x our retainer for your own in-house team, and are willing and able to spend 3-6 months finding, recruiting and training them up, then that is a fine option.

Of course, within that option, you may have a couple not work out, or eventually quit for whatever reason.

Now, if you don’t want to deal with any of that, plus save around $40,000 per month and get access to my brain, my rolodex of funnels and winning formulas, and let us focus on all marketing for you, it becomes an obvious decision.
“I’m Sold, So… How Does It Actually Work?”
Step 1 - Create A 30-60-90 Day Plan
After a full onboarding system, strategy call with Rudy + his exec team (with over 75 years combined marketing experience!) we will map out the business, dive into your offers, hooks, the funnels required and plan moving forward.
Within the first 3 days, the team gets together and creates a complete game plan for at least the next 3 months. Within the first 30 days, you’ll see us executing some of your new marketing plan and building all your assets. This 90-day strategy and road map plan is very in-depth, Rudy has charged businesses $3,000 – $5,000 for a similar plan & strategy overview alone!
This 90-day plan often includes developing new funnels, new hooks, emails, deploying new Facebook ads, reworking landing pages and upsell flows, redesigning parts of your website and sending you video scripts to shoot new videos for your site and ads. Everything is set up for your success and you’ll have tangible assets to work with in the very first month.
Step 2 - Scale Your Facebook Ads With ROI Focus
We’ll immediately take over and strategize, create, run, and optimize Facebook ads, google ads, Youtube ads, IG ads, Linkedin ads, etc.
Unlike all other agencies, Rudy is personally involved in the ad account, setting up ads, monitoring them daily, providing new strategy, creatives, and hooks.

We also work hard on new designs, video creatives and hooks that have gone into seasoned accounts and halved their cost per lead, cost per sale, etc.
Step 3 – Your New $Million Funnels Live + Scaling!
Usually within the first 3 weeks, your newly optimized or brand new funnel and upsells are live and active with new ads and traffic!
Yes, it really does happen than fast because we are an agency built on systems, efficiency and speed. We aim to deliver a fully built and activated funnel within 30 days that converts and beats any past funnels or strategies you’ve had.
That means you can start seeing sales come in within the first month of working with us, and within the first 60 days — most of our clients are ROI positive within the first two months and scaling fast! (usually less).
Please note, while results vary, in some cases, we’ve come into businesses and made them over $500,000 in the first 30 days.
We are results focused, so much so that we don’t have long-term contracts or retainers. It’s month-to-month, as we want to make this a win-win and scale your profitably.
Step 4 – Rudy’s $200 Million Strategy + Optimization
Possibly the best and most unique part of all this is that once your new funnel is live, Rudy will be doing high level Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and strategy to make it even better, boosting your sales, average order value and backend that would cost you thousands alone!
This includes monitoring and optimizing all funnels, landing pages, upsells and email automations to ensure you’re getting the best possible results from your investment.
Now, imagine for the first time in your life, not only are we handling the tracking but we’ll also work on the optimization strategy, implementation, and launch – you get to sit back and relax, knowing that we are moving the online marketing side of your business forward!
Step 5 - Scaling & Reporting
Every week, while you are now relaxing on the beach, spending time with family, or being the CEO of the business, you will receive a full report of all the work we’ve performed, ad spend, leads generated, sales, new split tests actioned and overall results.
We also set up weekly calls (and more as needed) with Rudy, the Marketing Manager and our Executive Team to ensure every client is hitting goals and objectives we’ve outlined, building momentum with the ads and funnels, working on new projects, reviewing tasks, etc.
As many of our clients have said, this is the most organized and well-constructed partnership you will ever have. We focus on efficiencies, as it’s made by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.
And Here's Some Results 
Our Clients Are Getting While Working With Us...
309k In... 689k Back!*
Spent $217k... 253k Profit!*
2.23X ROAS With 309k Spent!*
98k In... 306.5k Return!*
3.90X ROAS Spending 10k+ / Day!*
3.23X Spending 65.6k +*
115.5k Spent with 322% ROI!*
344% ROI Spending $84,907!*
Now, You’ve Got Two Options That Will Change The Future Of Your Business…
😫  Option 1: Stay In The Hamster Wheel  😫
Option 1, try it yourself and continue as you are, outsource your marketing, trying random agencies that never work, or, try to bring it in-house, which is a broken method for one key reason.
Why? Well, logically the best marketers in the world are consultants or run big agencies like me, you’ll never hire someone that is world-class for 100k a year - they can earn way more doing consulting or running ads for a couple of clients.
To give you an idea, just to get my world-class marketers in our agency, we have to pay them 180k+ a year, plus aggressive bonuses…
So, if you do plan to bring it in-house, expect a minimum of $40,000 a month to hire the staff at an above average level which will be necessary to help you scale.
Or, if you don’t want a $40,000+ payroll bill each month (plus all the time and stress of recruiting and managing) you can go with option 2…
😃  Option 2: Call In Our World-Class Team  😃
Why do the navy seals exist?
Frankly, it’s to obtain the most unrealistic results in a dire situation. Only made possible by a world-class team that work in perfect unison – hence why they are world-famous.
(I know, as before I came a marketer, I was flown into the biggest US Naval base in the world to teach Nutrition & Sports science to them).
I like to think (and my clients agree), that we are the Navy Seals of online marketing teams.
We are here, when all else has failed, several agencies, in-house teams, masterminds, courses, you name it, to come in and scale your business.
With less stress, time, money, effort and as close to guaranteed results as humanly possible...
Your New Elite Marketing Team, Ready + Waiting To Scale Your Business!
We only take on the right clients, that way, we have a very high level of confidence that they’ll get results and rave about our agency.

You see, unlike other agencies, we have no contract, we don’t ‘need’ clients (at the time of writing this I have a 7-week wait list) and we only want clients that are a win-win.

So, even if you are ready to go right away, we’ll do our best to audit your business and check it is a fit.

That makes it safer for both of us, as, if you aren’t a perfect client for us, we’ll both lose.
So, the first step from here is to book a free 30-minute discovery call with my head of client onboarding.

Before you ask, this is NOT a sales call. It’s a discovery call with my team that understands funnels, ads, marketing and will ensure we can work our magic on your business.

If they feel it’s a fit, and once they answer all your questions or concerns, they will elevate the account to myself, where I'll audit your funnels, products and ad (if live).

Then, if this still seems a great fit, you will jump on a call with me, Rudy, the CEO and founder, where we’ll discuss strategy and final steps to get you started.

Remember, after these two calls you will leave with TONS of valuable strategy and information, even if we don’t think it’s a perfect fit, or, if you decide not to work with us.
Now, I’m sure you understand my and the team’s time is precious, so, before you book you will need to match the following criteria, this saves us both some time out the gate…
1. Be dedicated and passionate about growing your business using direct response methods, such as sales funnels, high-converting copy, facebook ads, email marketing, video ads, etc.
2. Have a high-quality product and service that actually works (we will only work with genuine people that can actually help people!)
3. Can commit to your marketing efforts and be willing to do the weekly calls, record videos as needed and take us on as part of your team.
4. Understand that while our methods, the ads, sales funnels, etc. gives you the perfect marketing machine, it won’t work magic if your product or idea plain sucks.

5. Have realistic expectations. While we are the best at what we do, we can’t take you from zero to 1 million in 2 weeks or build a funnel in a day. There will be testing, optimization and work involved to scale you by millions!

6. Be established and ready to invest into marketing. Our ideal client is already earning $50,000 to $100,000+ per month and able to afford $15,000 a month for our retainer + ad spend costs. If that figure makes you super uncomfortable or seems expensive, it’s probably not a fit and you don’t appreciate how much this level of team costs.

Still here?

Awesome! Let’s get you booked in now to speak with my head of onboarding, once that call is done, we'll have a 3 way call to answer final questions and audit your account, funnels and business 😁
P.S. Know Me Personally? Don't Want To Have A Call With My Team? Shoot me a message via email or social media and we can book in a 1-1 call together.

P.P.S. Got more questions and don't want to wait? Scroll down to our full FAQ that covers most questions we've ever been asked!
Can’t Wait For Your Call? Got More Questions? Here Are The Most Popular Questions Based On Past Calls…
We Are So Confident In Our Ability, We Don't Even Have Long Contracts! We Focus on Results + ROI, 
Just Like These Examples Below...
$49,900 Spend With 319% ROI!*
81k Spent, 153k Back!*
30k Spend, 117k Back To Cold Traffic!*
491% ROIs And 64.5k!*
40k Profit With 20k Spent!*
188.6k Spent... 655k Back!*
“I’m Sold, Rudy… Show Me How!"
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